How Dehydration Affects Your Fitness, Body and Mind

How Dehydration Affects Your Fitness, Body and Mind

30 Aug 2017
How Dehydration Affects Your Fitness, Body and Mind

Just when you thought you couldn’t live without food, water is proven to be the headliner when it comes to health. It is almost impossible for any human to survive longer than a week without water. Because the human body is made up of 60% water, every living cell relies on it to function. This is why if you’re not getting enough water in your system, you start to feel the side effects.

Without hydrating, there is no fitness goal...
During exercise, a lot starts to happen inside the body. Your heart starts pumping more, your blood thickens and your face looks like a ripe tomato. Because your heart is working harder to circulate the blood, it is a must to replace the water your body is losing. Without water you will not see the results your looking for.
Looking out for signs of dehydration while exercising is important. These signs can include a dry mouth, heart palpitations or even feeling dizzy or lightheaded. Sound familiar? Grab your water bottle!
Finally, water doesn’t only effect your physical performance, but your mental performance is also a major factor. Mood swings, brain fog and fatigue start to set in when you are dehydrated. Heading to your gym class becomes more difficult and the couch starts to look pretty inviting. With Summer creeping up on us, this is definitely not the attitude you want to have!
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