Workout like a Victoria’s Secret Angel

Workout like a Victoria’s Secret Angel

5 Dec 2017
Workout like a Victoria’s Secret Angel

If you don’t know who Kelly Gale is, you probably should because she’s just walked her fourth Victoria’s Secret Show. Want to know her work out secrets?

Last week the Victoria’s Secret show finally aired and we had the chance to see Kelly and all her fellow angel babes strut their stuff.

It can be a little intimidating seeing these ladies in some pretty scant lingerie but keep in mind they are paid to literally train like an angel (#trainlikeanangel).

So why are we so interested in Kelly Gale this year? In a recent interview with online beauty blog Byrdie, Kelly admitted that she didn’t hire a personal trainer this year to get her in shape for Victoria’s Secret Shanghai 2017.

“Everyone seems to work out with an expensive trainer, but I’ve figured out that I don’t necessarily need to. I’ve learnt a lot from previous trainers, but I know what works for my body, and sometimes a trainer might not. They work with so many girls and body types, and everyone is different. I really enjoyed working out on my own terms this year,” Kelly said.

How does Kelly Boom get Victoria’s Secret Ready?

Want to know what she considers the best line up to get VS ready? Kelly shared her favourite regime to be a combination of pilates, gym sessions, jump rope and power walking. They give her the best of everything, cardio, strength training and lengthening.

If you haven’t already seen our blog on 5 reasons you should try pilates, check it out here.

How does pilates lengthen and strengthen your muscles?

Pilates is the perfect way to ensure you tone and lengthen your muscles on a regular basis.

In fact it has been said that pilates can be one of the most effective exercises to change your body shape.

This is because the moves are designed to target all the muscles in the body by building strength without excess bulk.

It’s pretty clear that pilates is working for Kelly Gale, check out here Instagram here @kellybellyboom

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