5 reasons you should work out in the morning

5 reasons you should work out in the morning

20 Feb 2018
5 reasons you should work out in the morning

First of all, a workout at any time of the day is beneficial for both your mind and body. However, there are certain benefits to a morning workout.

Studies have shown that morning workouts can help to increase your alertness and energy throughout the day. Similar to the effects of your morning coffee, when you workout your body releases brain chemicals that elevate your mood. You also experience an added boost of oxygen to your body tissues which helps the cardiovascular system to work more efficiently. The final result is an energy boost.

But what are all the benefits of a morning workout? See our results below.

1. A morning workout can increase energy levels

As we touched on above, a morning workout can help increase your alertness and energy throughout the day. This means that coffee you craved when you woke up may not be needed anymore. A day where coffee isn’t needed is always a good sign.

2. You can burn calories for longer

After your workout is finished, you continue to burn calories. It’s a great kick start to your metabolism to prepare your body for upcoming meals. By keeping your metabolism elevated, you can burn more calories across the day.

3. Morning workouts can help you to sleep better

Studies have shown that women and men who wake up early for regular exercise often sleep better than those who routinely exercise in the evening. Exercise stimulates your body; therefore, it can be more difficult to relax in the evening if you have just done a work out. Not to mention a good night’s sleep helps curb cravings and maintain your metabolism as well as other body functions.

4. You definitley won't miss out on your daily exercise!

By getting up early and exercising, you are less likely to miss out on your everyday activities. Instead of rushing around during the day so you can fit in an afternoon workout, wake up earlier and start your day right. On the flip side if you have an afternoon workout planned and ensure a busy day, it will more than likely cancel the class.

5. Morning workouts can encourage a healthy mind and diet

When waking up early to exercise, you are psychologically preparing yourself for a healthy day of eating. When you are motivated after getting up and exercising, you are less likely to ruin your hard work with an unhealthy snack. 

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