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How long does it really take to get unfit?

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Blog May 2018 How long does it really take to get unfit?
How long does it really take to get unfit?

How long does it really take to get unfit?

It’s the question most people ask or at least consider before going on holidays or taking a break from exercise.
How long does it really take to get unfit?
While many of us are jetting off to somewhere a little more tropical this winter, it’s not often top of mind as to how you will maintain your fitness when you’re sipping cocktails poolside. That being said, we thought it would be interesting to analyse how long it takes for you to lose your hard-earned fitness.  Let’s start with your Cardio Fitness.
Cardio is sadly the first to go after a hiatus from exercise. Approximately 14 days to be exact (according to medical studies). You may find that climbing those hotel stairs after 2 weeks will get your heart rate up just that little bit faster.
That’s the bad news when it comes to your cardio levels. The good news is it will take about 2 weeks hard training in return to get you back up to speed (no pun intended).
Strength Fitness
This is where muscle memory comes into play. The good news is that once you have established muscle memory, it is likely to stay with you on vacay. No need to pack the weights! However it should be noted that on average after two weeks you may begin to lose a small percentage of muscle – around 7-10% depending on the individual, their diet and daily activities.
According to studies if you are naturally flexible, it is often hard to lose this over a couple weeks. However, it’s best to try to maintain a stretching routine wherever you are for overall physical and mental functioning and helping to avoid any injuries.
If you’re set to head off into the sunset this winter and you’re a little worried about losing your hard-earned fitness, we have some exciting news!
Core Focus Pilates is about to launch our very own online pilates tutorials. This means that no matter where you are in the world you can maintain your summer body with Core Focus Pilates. Due to launch end of May, these tutorials will be accessible via Vimeo. All videos will be accessible via the link on our website called "Online Studio" accessible here.

Online workouts will be $10.99 US/$13.29 AUS to rent each individual workout for 1 year.
These online pilates videos will provide you with the necessary means wherever you are to stay fit! Be sure to be following Core Focus Pilates on Instagram to keep up to date with our latest ventures @corefocuspilatesaus

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