Stretches to make you look younger!

Stretches to make you look younger!

1 Nov 2017
Stretches to make you look younger!

We all know exercise and eating your greens contribute to healthy skin but did you know that certain stretches can help enhance your glow? Crazy right? How can stretching be beneficial for your skin? Read on my friend.

Stretching after your Core Focus Pilates class is important to help increase your range of motion for your next session and prevent injury. If you don’t stretch your muscles can become short and tight which can lead to injury. Stretching also helps to increase the blood flow to your muscles, improving circulation.
So what stretches can be beneficial for your skin?
  1. Quads and Hips
Your quads are a large muscle that have been found to link directly to your face. Suzanne Wylde, creator of Moving Stretch says that “The quads are a large area of muscle and massively pull down on the front of the face, which can make it look slightly saggy.”
Mind officially blown! To help create a good synergy between your quads and face, stand with a chair or step behind you. Keeping the knee of your raised leg as straight as possible, gently bend your standing leg so that you feel the stretch. Repeat this movement gently 10 times on each leg.

  1. Hamstring Stretch
Anyone ever told you, “are you ok? You look sick.” But you’re perfectly fine and just forgot to wear foundation that day? Well, you can actually boost your natural radiance by stretching your hamstrings.
Suzanne explains that by releasing your hamstrings, you release the fascia up the back of the body and scalp, which has a good effect on the face.
Face the chair or step from the previous exercise and rest one leg on it to feel the hamstring stretch. Repeat on both legs.
  1. The chest stretch for a more defined jawline
Wait what? You can get a more defined jawline from stretching? Supposedly, your chest connects up into the jaw and mouth. Suzanne says that when you open up your chest it releases the fascia in the throat helping to lift the jaw line and soften wrinkles.
Clasp your hands behind your head and start with your elbows forward and closer to each other. Slowly move your elbows away from each other the whole time tensing your chest. Try not to pull on your head but rather pull your hands outward against each other, keeping your neck relaxed.

Remember to do each of the exercises above gently, don’t strain yourself! Happy stretching!

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