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- Best Pilates class I’ve ever attended. Supportive and transformative classes. Highly recommend - Mona Morgan 

- I just completed CFP first retreat in Bali. When sending my first deposit I didn’t 100% know what I should be expecting, which really was the joy of the whole experience. I grew within my self and pushed my body to crack new boundaries. I’ve made lifelong friends and will be forever grateful for this experience. I will always cherish this trip and I’m super excited to get into routine when heading back to Perth. Helen, you’re so inspiring! - Emily Baldwin 

- Great studio in Perth. I worked for Helen for nearly 16 months and found this studio amazing for a more higher intensity Pilates workout which I love. Helen had a specific goal in mind for her studio and I believe she has achieved this. Her classes are always enjoyable and creative and there is no doubt you will feel the burn in her classes. - Belinda Murray

- Had my first Pilates class with Helen over the weekend, they do say first impressions are everything and I'm hooked. Thank you Helen for your kind, warming and positive attitude. - Megan Wesley

- One session with Helen and I'm addicted!! Every muscle felt the burn - I can't wait to see the results - Sarah Bell

- I am not based in Perth, but whenever I come home I love to work out with Helen. She knows her stuff, and is a lovely human being, who makes training fun! - Bridget Malcolm

- Helen really knows how to work the body and build strength through Pilates. She has the dream body to prove it really works! - Madi Kyle

- I wouldn't go to anyone else in Perth for pilates - Helen has an uplifting, bubbly and encouraging demeanour that is infectious and an inspiration to her students. Core Focus has given me the strength and determination to better myself and strive towards my fitness goals. I look forward to every class - it is always enjoyable but also challenging. I would definitely recommend Core Focus to friends and other Pilates lovers. - Amy Rushworth

- Fantastic Pilates studios! Every class is different and I always leave feeling great. Helen and her team take a lot of time and effort to create a great environment to workout in. Highly recommend.‚Äč - Kim Kilov
Why Reformer Pilates?

Because it works!

Pilates establishes good movement habits
and re-trains the body to move
in its correct alignment.

It also heightens your body awareness, increases
flexibility & mobility, improves
balance and helps develop better posture.

Moreover, each and every client can expect to
enjoy dramatic improvements in
overall endurance and stamina.

"In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, in 20 you'll see the difference and in 30 you'll have a new body" - Joseph Pilates

Because We Care!

Who is Core Focus?

Helen is the Director of Core Focus Pilates Australia. 

Helen’s interest and experience in dance, fitness and human movement began at the age of five while she was receiving classical training at John and Bernadette Taylor’s Ballet School.

Helen's passion for dance and interest in a broader range of styles continued through her school years. After leaving school, while pursuing her personal fitness goals, Helen completed a Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management at Edith Cowan University, which lead her to work as a Business Development Manager for a large corporate travel company.

In 2015 she decided to follow her heart and commenced her Stott Pilates mat and reformer training after several years of personal Pilates practice.

Helen makes her classes challenging and fun but most importantly she focuses on building her clients' core strength, flexibility, balanca and mobility. 

She has designed & styled her classes in a way that will excite her students, strengthen their bodies & most of all increase their love of maintaining their health & fitness.

She modifies the traditional Pilates repertoire to make her highly professional classes more dynamic, imaginative and challenging. Helen has mentored her instructors to ensure consistency throughout the studios. 

In 2018 and 2019 she completed her barrels, stability chair and cadillac certifications with STOTT Pilates in Singapore.